july 19th, 2021 – Compact Oval Track Race

Total Purse: $1,500

All registration goes towards the purse.

  1. 106”-wheel base maximum-no 8 cylinders
  2. Each driver must have a valid driver’s license and must be a minimum of 18 years of age, or have a notarized release signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. No professional drivers allowed.
  4. Any car posing a question of safety will be rejected from competition unless changed on site before the race.
  5. The track officials reserve the right to approve or reject all entries.
  6. Each driver must sign a release form at the time of the cars registration and inspection.
  7. ONLY those who have signed a release will be permitted on the track.
  8. The Southern Kentucky Fair Board will not be held responsible for any cars, trucks or personal property during or after the event.
  9. Any car violation discovered during or after the competition will result in disqualification and forfeiture.
  10. All cars are to me removed from the fairgrounds following the event, if cars stay on fairgrounds past a 48-hour period they will then become property of the Southern Kentucky Fair board.
  11. The decisions of the judges will be final NO exceptions
  12. Any driver, pit crew or person speaking for the driver using foul language in the ring, announcers table, or crowd area WILL result in disqualification and forfeiture of ALL prizes.
  13. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol before or during the event disqualifies the car and the crew of the offending party.
  14. All participants must be on grounds and registered by 6:00pm CST, the DRIVER MEETING will take place at 6:30pm CST.
  15. ALL drivers MUST attend DRIVERS meeting.
  16. No trucks or vans allowed.
  17. ALL glass except for windshields (including side windows, headlights, tail lights, mirrors etc…) must be removed. Rolling windows down will NOT be permitted.
  18. Safety belt and approved safety helmets are REQUIRED.
  19. No special bumper, trailer hitches or reinforcement will be allowed. You may add gussets and radiator support.
  20. ALL doors must be fastened shut by #9 wire or 5/16 chains (4 points per door) or welded. If your door comes open, you WILL be disqualified.
  21. All chrome stripping and protruding objects must be removed. Bolts must be cut off and flush with nuts.
  22. NO sand or concrete in doors or panels. NO water in tanks or tires or any other extra weight devices will be permitted. NO spring jacks or blocked shocks.
  23. Hood and deck lids must be operational for inspection, you can wire shut. Bolts through Hood may only be 1″ past the nut.
  24. All vehicles MUST have an operational brake system. Vehicles MUST have brakes before beginning the competition.
  25. NO double tires. Street tires ONLY.
  26. The number of HEATS will be determined the night of the race.
  27. MUST have bar behind the seat. Number of bars on driver’s door are acceptable.
  28. Only engines matching car manufacturer are allowed. Ex: Ford/Ford GM/GM etc…
  29. Stock bumper only, you may add gussets and radiator supports.
  30. If the same car catches fire 2 times you are out of the running of the competition.
  31. Cars #1 and #2 in each heat line up first.
  32. A driver MAY help another driver by pushing off of a berm during the race, this is the Drivers choice.
  33. Feature will STOP and line back up with 10 laps to go.
  34. If you get out of your car or leave the track you are disqualified, NO substitute drivers.
  35. If you DO NOT run your heat, you may NOT run in consolation or feature. If your car does not start, there is a 5 min deadline.
  36. A fire extinguisher up to 3lbs in working order MUST be mounted in the car within reach of the driver.
  37. MUST have a 4-point harness in car secure and working properly.